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About Our Services

    We understand life can be busy and complicated, which is why we provide a variety of pet care services for our clients in Ottawa and Toronto.  To make things easier on you and your furry family. Take a look below to see the different services we offer and contact us with any questions.

Economical Cat Sitting Services as low as $25 per night-promotional rate for first time clients.  

Cat relaxing at priority pets

At Priority Pets we provide all the amenities and luxuries your cats are accustomed to when they are in your home.  Cats crave love, stimulation and affection, and it is a critical component to their happiness and longevity.  We provide affordable cat boarding services in a home environment for only $28 per night. Maximum of 10 cats per household.  This experience is what separates Priority Pets from traditional cat kennels.  Your cats will have free range of our entire house.  They can sleep and play in one of our many deluxe cat trees.  Your cats are guaranteed to have physical and mental stimulation.  We have cat amenities and toys  to help them burn off some energy.  What separates us from our competitors is that we are a kennel and cage free facility.  #Nomorekennels Check out our testimonials.

Private Cat Boarding as low as $35 per night.  

Private Cat Boarding is our most popular service.  Your cat is guaranteed to be the  only resident cat in an assigned area of the house. (Living room, bedrooms, or basement suites furnished with cat toys and a cat tree. Our private cat boarding services are ideal for timid cats or cats who prefer the companionship of other humans vs their feline counterparts. (Limited cats per households)  If you opt for private cat boarding services, should you request it, and we can permit your cats to socialize and have access to the full house to explore if your cats are social.

Black and white cat sitting on a bed.

Private cat boarding full house $45 per night.

Our Private Cat Boarding Service (Full House) is our most luxurious package.  If you want your feline friend to be the king of their own castle, this is the ideal package for you.  We guarantee that your cat will be the only resident cat within the entire house.  Your cat will be assigned a cat sitter companion to tend to his/her needs.  To ensure that your cat receives the best possible care, we will arrange a meeting with the client and their cat sitter.  We will discuss your cats daily routines and make every possible accommodation.

Phantom a Black and white cat walking in a hallway.  At Priority Pet Boarding Services Inc.
Pet Boarding For Small Pets as low as $25 per day!

Priority Pet Boarding Service Inc.  provides pet boarding services to a variety of other animals (Hamsters, Birds, Turtles, Bunnies etc) .Please contact us to discuss pricing.  

Two large bunnies taking a nap.  Ottawa's best bunny boarding establishment.
Priority Pets In Home House visits $40 per visit.  

Priority Pet in home house visits are ideal for cats who do not like to leave the comfort of their home.  Pets can have anxiety traveling and entering new environments.  In home home pet boarding is the perfect solution to ensure that your pets receive the best possible care.  A Priority Pet sitter will have a complementary meet and greet to discuss all pertinent details regarding the care of their pets.    To learn more about our In home-Pet Boarding Services please feel free to give us a call.  

-Provide personalized updates for our clients 

-Send videos and pictures of their cats.

-Playtime, Affection and care.  

-Clean litter boxes 


-Cleaning messes and accidents that may occur. 

-Can provided additional services at well at the owner's request.  (Watering plants, taking our garbage ECT) Please contact us with your request and we will try our best to accommodate your needs.  

Priority Pets Transportation Services for as low as $35 per trip. 

Planning a vacation can be hectic and stressful for our clients.  For only $35 we can remove one stressor from the equation and provide our clients with a shuttle services from your residence to the pet sitter's location.  Once the pet arrives we will provide you with a photo and a personal update to ensure that that cat arrived safely.

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