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Commitment to excellence.  Pet first aid badge.

Eastern Ontario Pot Cakes Rescue: 

White puppy with a cute black nose.  Puppy boarding at Priority Pet Boarding Services Inc.

Eastern Ontario Pot Cakes Rescue is a registered Canadian charity non-for profit rescue.  There mission is to prevent the overpopulation and suffering of stray island dogs.  Pot Cakes Rescue has partners on the Island which helps spay and neutered dogs to prevent the over population of there species.  

Pot Cakes rescue has a mission to bring stray dogs into Canada to pay for there medical procedures and find them a forever home.  Pot Cakes rescue also provides aid and local Ottawa dogs in needs.  

Priority Pets is a pet care provider that believes in creating partnerships within our communities.  If we work together we can help enrich and save the lives of our 4 legged friends.  

Pot Cakes Rescue host various charity events throughout the year to raise money for our canine friends.  Priority Pet Boarding Inc. provides exemplary pet boarding services to our clients in Ottawa and Toronto.  We encourage you to visit there website if you are interested in adopting or fostering a dog HOME is where you will be safe... - To learn more about this amazing organization.   

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