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cat smiling
Lambo the dog relaxing after a long walk.

Priority Pets Mission: 

Priority Pets mission is to foster relationships with various charitable organizations and to work collaboratively to help enrich the lives of our four-legged friends. A portion of our profits from our pet sitter services is donated to various charitable organizations within Gatineau, Orleans and Ottawa.  Ottawa's Feline Café is a not for profit organization that provides various services to our feline friends.  They provide impeccable temporary accommodations for cats.  They are an organization that helps cats find forever homes.  They pay for veterinarian services and ensure that their cats are provided with the best possible care.  They also offer a unique experience for cat lovers.  This is the only Ottawa Cat Café where you can enjoy a hot coffee and play with cats.  This is a great experience for cat lovers to adopt a cat or to visit the cat café knowing that a portion of their proceeds will go directly towards helping rescue cats.  Due to the Covid-19 pandemic the Feline Café had to revamp and restructure its services to meet the demands of its customers and to protect the safety of patrons.  They have also launched an online mini grocery store.  If you love animals, and would like to support the organization, we encourage you to shop at the online grocery store or visit the store in person to support our feline friends.  You can visit them at

dogs play fighting in the park

Priority Pets is a pet care provider who has a passion for wildlife and domestic animals.  It is our responsibility to help preserve wildlife for future generations.    When you choose to use our pet sitter services a portion of our proceeds goes directly into the conservation efforts.  

Priority Pets adopted a Lynx
Priority Pets adopted a Moose
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