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Animal Poison Control Center Information

Priority Pet Boarding Services Inc. is a pet care provider that provides cat boarding services in the Ottawa and Toronto region. We also strive to enrich the lives of animals and pet owners by providing free educational content.  

It is safe to say that keeping our fur babies safe is a top priority in everyone’s mind and heart. My question to you as a reader is, how familiar are you as a pet owner of everyday household items that are considered poisonous to cats and dogs? When I first became a pet owner I took it upon myself to educate myself and my wife on items we had in our home that could potentially harm our cat and dog. According to here is a list of the top 10 common toxins found in the kitchen of an average household:

  1. Chocolate

  2. Grapes, raisins & currants

  3. Xylitol ( sugar-free gum & candy)

  4. Fatty table scraps

  5. Onions & garlic

  6. Compost

  7. Human medications/alcohol

  8. Macadamia nuts

  9. Household cleaners

  10. Unbaked bread dough


    All of our pet sitters are trained to recognize plants and common household items that are toxic and poisonous to our furry friends.   Although some of the items on the list are common sense items, a few of them surprised us. For example, if cats/dogs ingest onions or garlic it causes red blood cell destruction and can result in anemia. Macadamia nuts are a threat because of the high oil content in the nut. If accidentally consumed, in dogs specifically, the damage can result in nerve/muscle damage and potentially pancreatitis.

    If you are a new pet owner and have concerns about what you possess that could harm your animal(s) is a wealth of information. As soon as you access the homepage of the website the first item you come across is a search tool asking you what potential poison your pet consumed. If unsatisfied or unsure about the information the search tool provides you the 24/7 Animal Poison Control Center Helpline phone number is readily available at 1-855-764-7661.

    The Animal Poison Control Center Helpline phone number is readily available in our household. During these unprecedented times with COVID-19 it is reassuring knowing there is an option for at-home urgent care help as many veterinary clinics in our area have social distancing measures in place as well as restricted hours of operation.

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