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Priority Pets First Aid Credentials. 

Priority Pets is proud to announce that it has successfully completed the Walks N Wags pet first aid course.  Walks N Wags is Canada's longest running pet first aid program.  It is internationally recognized for its in-depth knowledge of feline and canine first aid.  

The health and safety of your furry family member is our highest priority at Priority Pets.  The clinical and practical skills taught by Walks N Wags Pet First Aid ensures that your four legged friend receives professional and exemplary care.  At Priority Pets we offer more than animal kennel services.  We are Ottawa's and Toronto cat sitting experts.     

WNW Certified logo.
Chili the cat has very beautiful eyes.

Walks N Wags Pet First Aid Curriculum:  

-Emergency Action Plan

-Preventative medicine.  

-Anatomy and Physiology of cats and dogs.  

-Feline and Canine health assessment. 

-Head to Toe physical assessment including vitals assessment. 

-How to transport an injured animal safely. 

-Recognize signs and illness of common medical conditions.  

-Airway obstructions and artificial respiration.

-Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation  


-External and Internal bleeding. 

-Feline and Canine Wound Care.

-Burns and environmental injuries.  

-Administering Medication.  

-Medical conditions.  

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