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Black Diamond Cat Trees

Priority Pet Boarding Services Inc.  Is proud to announce our partnership with Black Diamond Cat Trees.    Black Diamond Cat Tress in 2022 was awarded the best Eco-Friendly Cat Scratching post selected by

  • Black Diamond Cat Trees are strong and sturdy! They are constructed with natural wood, they do not use hollow cardboard tubes to constructed their cat trees , like the majority of retail pet stores.

  • To ensure durability we staple and utilize a professional grade, non-toxic carpet adhesive to attach carpet to our cat trees.  This is important because it helps to keep the carpet secure and prevent the carpet from shredding and makes our cat trees last much longer than traditional cat trees.  

  • They can customize most cat tree models to suit your tastes and preferences.

  • They offer a wide variety of unique styles to cater to the needs of their clients.  

  • They ship across Canada.

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AristoCat Grooming

AristoCat Grooming is located in Orleans. Lisa has over 20 years experience grooming cats and dogs, her primary focus now though is grooming cats. Follow her on Facebook at AristoCat Grooming for samples of her work.  Please click the logo to be directed to her facebook page.

Maple Bengals Ottawa's premier Bengal breeder.
Aristocat Ottawa's cat grooming expert.

Maple Bengals

Priority Pets is pleased to announce our affiliation with Maple Bengals. Maple Bengals is a registered Bengal breeder located in Ottawa. Like Priority Pets, we share a cage/kennel free mindset with Maple Bengals. At Maple Bengals all their cats (with the exception of kittens) have complete free range of the house. For more information please visit:

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