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Cat at priority pets going on a walk
 cat watching cat tv


Priority Pet Boarding Services Inc. Has a vision to provide the best possible care for our clients within Toronto, Ottawa, Kanata, Nepean and Gatineau.  We are a pet boarding service that prides itself on providing a personalized approach to pet care which separates us from our competitors.  

Our vision for starting this business came from being stuck trying to find cheap cat sitting services.  It was our desired to find a personalized cat sitting services when we were moving from Alberta.  We were searching personalized care as opposed to standard animal kennel services.  We searched for an at home pet sitting experience as we did not want our cat being confined in a cage for up to four weeks like traditional kennel boarding.  We wanted something personal, professional and loving but we found nothing offered met our standards. Eventually we were successful in finding a home where our cats had free range of an entire house and lots of opportunity for cuddles and quality care.  

We were so pleased and appreciative knowing our fur babies would be able to live freely and comfortably as if they were in their own home.  It was from that thought that the idea for our business was born.  Why not offer the same service to other locals in our new home in Ottawa?  Starting in Fall of 2019 we have grown to become a reputable name in Ottawa's cat and dog boarding service network.  Being a five minute drive away from Ottawa/Macdonald-Cartier International Airport we have an ideal location for clients travelling out of town needing personalized, loving and dedicated pet services for their loved ones.  

Your pets will be placed in a loving home with a professional cat and dog sitter.  Our clients have free range to all spaces in our home and access to lots of room for cuddles. We are also mindful of any health conditions that require any extra attention. Feel free to contact us for a reservation or to help answer questions you might have regarding our services.  


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